I drew this for the Now & Then Project. You have to take a drawing you did as a kid and redraw it the way you’d do it now. Mine is from when I was 7, and is titled “THE ULTIMATE SOLDIER”. It’s a man carrying EVERY WEAPON EVERY INVENTED (read: every weapon I knew off by heart) while wearing a suit of armour and an army helmet. Also there’s a tiny Bart Simpson in the corner with a boombox.

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i’ve figured out that horror games with grotesque monsters and spooky environments are -0009 scary if you pretend you’re steve irwin on a mission to document the monster(s)

"Lookie there. That’s a six-foot grunt from the basement. A’hm gonna wrassle it."

brb gonna try this with Alien Isolation

i would pay real money to hear markiplier do this